Restoration Management

Our experience with post war Aston Martin’s enables us to not only take on the interior but to also manage the complete restoration on your behalf.

  • Wood work
  • Metal work
  • Bodywork
  • Running gear and suspension
  • Wiring
  • General repairs
  • Re-fitting

Many workshops understandably have to sub-contract much of the restoration process out.  This in reality means that their main task is to control and manage the costs and standards of work carried out by other companies or individuals.

Very often the most costly and timely mistakes occur due to the problematic grey areas between one trade and the next.  To gain a complete working knowledge and understanding of every make and model in restoration terms is impossible.  It is therefore very important that the people managing the project have enough experience in each area to deal with the overlap between each specialist and be able to pull the whole thing efficiently together at the end of the day. Ultimately this will without doubt avoid any unnecessary delays and expense being passed on to you the customer.

SCA Classic Restoration endeavours to maintain a consistently high standard of service by careful management of complete projects from start to finish.  This will ensure that the restoration process is both positive and rewarding for both parties.