Redesign & Improvements

With your own personal input and our expertise it is possible to create or modify an interior to match your needs and requirements.

  • Inertia seat belts or replacement webbing
  • Stereo, CD changer and speaker systems
  • Additional storage
  • Change of materials
  • Re-style shapes and patterns
  • Get things to work or fit better
  • Create from scratch

Unfortunately seat belts, stereos, speakers and many other after market additions are often fitted with little or no consideration for the final look or the existing trim. It is however possible, with thought and planning to incorporate these things in a discreet fashion so as to not destroy the original style and flow of  its surrounds and still maintain  safety and security.

Often a subtle change of materials or a small modification can go a long way to improving your relationship and enjoyment of your vehicle without it having a devaluing effect.

At the end of the day your imagination and buget are the only limit to how far you want to change the appearance of your car, anything really is possible.